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What is Private Bulletin?
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This social media application is designed for users, who would like security, privacy and control over what they publish. You could use it to create your own Free Private Bulletin. This is a BETA version.

It is a simple, convenient way of publishing information or sharing experiences on the Web. The Web Page that you publish can be marked as FRIENDS, CORE FRIENDS or BOTH. When it is published, an email will automatically be sent to all those that you wish to view your Web Page, advising them of the ID and Password to be used to access that Web Page. The email will also contain a Hyperlink that will take them directly to your new Web Page. Photos/Videos/Music can be uploaded directly from  your mobile phone, or Computer at any time.
If you value Privacy, and being in Control over your own Photos and Videos that you wish to Publish to your Friends, then this could be the Web Application for you. A simple definition of this Web App. would be that it is a Glorified Email System for providing Access to your Photos and Videos to your Friends for a specific event, like a holiday, Wedding, etc. The Web Page that is built for you is protected by a unique ID, and Password. This Web Page ID and Password is communicated to your Friends via an Email. All contact between you and your Friends is via Email. There is NO mechanism within the Web App, that allows you or your Friends to be found. Your are only known to your Friends by a Nickname. Privacy has been Key in the design of this Web App.
All the Photos are made Web Friendly (Resized for the Web) prior to being Uploaded to Private Bulletin. The Web Page created for you, once Published, it can be added to in Real-Time, thus you can grow your Web Page over time, perhaps as your Holiday progresses. Each night Private Bulletin checks to see if any Web Pages have been updated. If any updated Web pages are found, then Email Alerts are sent out to all your Friends that received the original Email announcing the Publication of your Web Page. Your Friends do NOT have to Register with the Web App. You in fact have to Invite them to be put into your Private Bulletin Address Book, and you cannot add them to your Address Book without their acceptance. Your Web Page has a life of 90 days after which time it will be removed along with all its media. This time can be extended by you.
This Web App. can be used via any device that supports a Browser. It is Mobile(Cellphone) Friendly and can be used on Tablets, Laptops or Desktop. You can easily Delete yourself and all your input at anytime. After 400 Days of no activity, by default you and your Friends will be completely removed from the System.

As a bonus you can now Crop and Resize a Photo from within this App. and it will be saved in your Downloads Folder.
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