Terms & Conditions

1. If you Register (Join the System) using an Email Address that is invalid, or not visible over then Internet, then you will be deleted from the system.

2. If at sometime in the future your Email Address is Deleted from the Internet or is no longer Visible. The next time you Login you will be advised of this, and will be given a warning message indicating that if that Email Address is still not visible in 7 days time, you will be Deleted from the Private Bull system.

3. The information built up on your web page cannot be published by anybody other than by yourself, the owner.

4. Want I.T. Consulting does not accept any liability for what is published.

5. If the material published is considered to be an offensive nature, then action will be taken to remove it.

6. All information that is input by the owner will remain the property of such, and will not be distributed to any Company or persons by Want I.T. Consulting.

7. The Web Page, which is built by its owner will remain available up to a maximum of 90 days after it has gone live (Published) for the first time. After 80 days the owner will receive an Email advising them that it is about to expire. At that point the owner can extend the life of that Web page for another 1 to 90 days. Once it has expired, all content for that Web Page will be deleted from the Web Site. The owner can request that the Web Page remains available indefinitely. However there is no guarantee that the request will be granted.

7a. A Web page that has been created and remains in DRAFT mode for 90 days will be deleted from the system. The owner of that Web page will receive a Warning Email after 80 days to advise them that this action is about to take place.

8. After the owners last web page has expired, they will remain registered for 440 days, after which time they will be deleted from the system.

9. The owner of the Web Page has full control over it. They decide when to publish it and who to distribute the Web Page ID and Password to. They can mark the Web Page as Offline at any time and thus prevent access to it.

10. There are no controls in place to prevent anybody from downloading any information that can be accessed from that Web Page.

11. A Web Page can be de-activated at any time by its owner, or by asking Want I.T. Consulting to do so.  

12. The use of this product is absolutely free.

13. Cookies are used to maintain the applications integrity and security.

14. If this Web Site is going to be decommissioned, then we will attempt to contact those users registered at that time, thus enabling them to Download any of their material before it is lost for ever.

Terms & Conditions

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