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This social media application is designed users; who would like security, privacy and control over what they publish.

It is a simple, convenient way of publishing information or sharing experiences on the Web. The Web Page that you publish can be marked as FRIENDS, CORE FRIENDS or both. It can also be marked as PUBLIC. When it is published, an email will automatically be sent out to your ACTIVE CORE FRIENDS and FRIENDS who are marked as ACTIVE for this Web Page, advising them of the ID and Password to be used to access your Web Page. The email will also contain Hyperlink that will take them directly to your new Web Page. Photos can be uploaded directly from  your mobile phone, or from a Folder at any time. You can also upload photos videos and music from your Home Computer at any time.

The Web Page creator logs on to the system using their email address and password as used for Registration. Your FRIENDS can view your created Web Page using the Web page ID and the password that you assigned to that Web Page. If the Web Page was marked Public then public viewers need only use the Web Page ID. If the Web Page is for CORE FRIENDS or just FRIENDS only, then those CORE FRIENDS or FRIENDS can register to get Update Alert Emails.

There is an Administrator function where you the Creator create your own Web Pages, up to a maximum of 3, which you can publish to the Web. You can also upload Documents into a Secure VAULT for future use such as back up. This web page you create is available to those you nominate to receive the Web Page ID and Password, or to anyone if you mark it as being PUBLIC. Once the Web Page has been published for the first time, it will be available for 90 days. You can update that Web Page at any time, and mark it as Offline or Online. After 80 days you the Creator will be sent an Email advising you that your Web Page is about to expire. After the 90 day period, all data will be deleted, unless you have extend the time or request that it remain until you are deleted from the system. Your registration will remain available for 440 days after your last Active Web Page is removed, after which time you will be removed. You can register again anytime in the future.
You can also DELETE yourself from the system at any time. This action will delete all trace of you and no data will be recoverable.

Cookies are used on both administrator side, and end user side.

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The Web Page you create has a specific format, which you cannot change. It is divided into three sections. At the top is a banner for the page. You can go with the default or create your own. In the middle you can have up to 30 Windows which can hold a photo, photo gallery, MS Power Point Slide Show, or a video in mp4 format (Maxsize 28MB). The bottom section can display six Hyperlinks, which may point to other Web sites or to pdf, mp3, mp4, or zip documents, which you have uploaded to your Fun Happenings web site.

Viewers can enter comments against any Window or against any photo. These comments are emailed to the Creator and are not visible to anybody else. They are NOT stored on the web site.

The VAULT can be found on the ADMIN page that is available to the User creating the Web Page and can be used to store important documents. These documents are not visible to anybody else. To better secure these documents you can elect to put a Password on them. These VAULT documents will remain available for 440 days after your last Web Page is Deleted. By default the VAULT will carry a zipped up copy of all your Photos and Videos.

Creating the Web page


Any device that can run a Browser and connects to the Internet. For full functionality the following Browser levels or above need to be used. IE 10, Firefox 47, Safari 8, Chrome 58, Edge 38. If your Browser is of a lower version you will need to resize your photos first. They should be resized to a maximum of something like 1200 x 1200. That could be 1200 x 900, or 1200 x 800, or 640 x 480 for example. The end file size needs to be less than 500 KB. There are a number of free software applications that can perform that task. For PC’s you can use FastStone Photo Resizer, for Android Cellphones you can use Photo & Picture Resizer.

There are up to 4 steps to go through when creating your Web Page however you do not have to use all the steps. You can add Photos to your Web Page from your Smartphone. The latest Browsers work best.

Multiple Photo Uploads can be done. You can upload a maximum of 10 photos at a time. They will be resized to 1200px by 1200px maximum and will keep their aspect ratio. However if the original photos are greater than 5MB in size you are better to resize them first, using a product like FastStone Photo Resizer for PC’s, or Photo & Picture Resizer on Android Cellphones, which are free products. All four Browsers I have tested (IE, Edge, Google Chrome, and FireFox) may crash or go into a loop if multiple Original Photos are greater than 5MB each. If you let the Browser do the Resize, and the original photos are greater than 5MB then try loading in less than 10 at a time. Try 1 to 5 for example. You can also CROP photos prior to upload.
NOTE: Currently if original photos are each less than 512KB you can upload a maximum of 10 photos at a time. If they are greater than 512KB and less than 5MB each you can upload a maximum of 4 photos at a time. If greater than 5MB then you can only upload 1 photo at a time. This may change as Browsers become more reliable when resizing large photos.


Videos on your Cellphone are typically too large to upload. They will need to be resized. This can be done on your Android Cellphone using a product named Video Compressor by YEUNG or VidCompact. This is a free product and works extremely well. You point it at the mp4 video file that you have created, specify the Output Directory, and the size of the output file you require. Make the Output file 28 MB or less. Another excellent Video Compressor product to use on your PC can be obtained from and it is FREE.

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